Sustainability means different things to different people.

As a business focused on mutual success, innovative spaces and a better future, our long-term success is linked to our ‘For the Future’ framework and approach.

From considering our environmental impact and being more efficient with natural resources, to creating positive spaces that enable people and communities to be resilient and thrive, we make the most of opportunities to be more sustainable in everything we do.

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Strategy for the future

A sustainable approach to tomorrow

We’ve created a framework to help define and set specific sustainability objectives for our business. Drawing on our guiding principles, and aligned with our corporate strategy, it enables us to be more accountable and work towards delivering long-term outcomes that are positive for all.

This means helping build strong communities and local economies, strengthening our position as a key local community player, addressing issues important to our business and our stakeholders and ensuring we are focused on creating healthy and productive work spaces for our people and extending this to our customers.



For the Future Framework

Material issues

To keep us on the path to a more sustainable future, we regularly commission research and invite customers and stakeholders to share their experiences.

Together with understanding gained from emerging global issues, trends and best practice, these valuable insights help us set a number of Material Issues – core principles that our For the Future framework has been designed to address.



Eco Innovation

We have Australia's largest Green Star footprint.

Green Star performance rated buildings
Green Star Design and As Built rated buildings

Smart solutions make a difference - We have a footprint in over 100 communities across Australia, and we want to create a positive legacy with these communities.

This means by creating and maintaining high-performing, environmentally efficient and resilient assets, we can not only minimise our carbon emissions and environmental impacts, we can also help our stakeholders combat issues important to their business.

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Building Community

Charter Hall has a footprint in over 100 communities across Australia, and we want to create a positive legacy with these communities.

Our people
81% committed their time to 378 volunteer days
Our places
46,054sqm of our space contributed to the community
Our partnerships
$775,000 donated in community partnerships & a further $196,000 for Rural Aid to support drought affected communities 

Our goal is to offer up to 1% of our spaces, profits and people’s time, to support community organisations and enterprises, such as local charities, arts and sports groups, in addressing issues important to our business and our stakeholders.

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Enabling Wellbeing
Enabling Wellbeing

Enabling wellbeing

Increasingly, the business community is recognising the link between health and wellbeing and productivity within the workforce.

International Well Building Institute WELL SILVER 2017[2]
WELL Building Certification
Silver WELL Interiors Certification for Melbourne and Perth offices
International WELL Core and Shell Certification
Registered for four office developments

We create healthy and productive workspaces for our people and extending this to our customers. Going forward our focus on enabling wellbeing also extends to human rights and the elimination of modern slavery in our supply chain.

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Building better futures

The average person spends 90% of their time indoors - that's why a workplace focused on wellbeing is important

Discover our ‘wellbeing journey’ and our healthy buildings movement.

Nowadays, sustainability is not just about 'green choices'

Find out how sustainability has evolved and how we embed it in everything we do.

Technologically advanced and environmentally efficient properties are important to us

Find out how we are collaborating with our customers and reaping environmental rewards.

Technology and real estate are colliding at a rapid pace, transforming the way we design, construct, operate and interact with buildings

Discover 5 ways we enhance the experience of our occupants through smart ecosystems.


We support and actively participate in a range of industry specific sustainability groups and seek third party sustainability certification ratings on our designs and operational performance.

Our developments and operations are recognised by our peers and industry in awards and we're pleased with the improvements in our people and environmental performance factors.

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Wesley Mission David Morgan Centre

In the right hands, 1% is a big deal

Committed to making a positive impact on communities, we’re the first Australian property company to join the international Pledge 1% philanthropy movement.


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